Drainworks plumbing and gas

Gas Systems

A gas system can be the best option if you want a clean-burning, energy efficient and environmentally friendly way to heat your home.

If you’re looking for a professional installation team for your gas appliances, look no further than Drainworks, we do gas lines as well as plumbing.

Drainworks plumbing and gas

LP and Natural Gas

These are the two most common types of natural gas used in homes and businesses. They both have their benefits, but one may be better suited to your needs than the other. The installation of a gas system is not something to be taken lightly, as it requires highly trained professionals to ensure that everything is done properly.

Drainworks Plumbing & Gas has been installing gas lines for many years,. Consulting our experts for your installation is a good first step.

Drainworks plumbing and gas

Gas Leak Repair  

Gas leaks can be very dangerous to your health and that of your family. If you notice a strong smell of natural gas or hear hissing or popping sounds near your appliances, shut off the power supply immediately and call Drainworks Plumbing & Gas for service.

We’ll send out a trained technician who will assess the situation and repair any damage caused by the leak as soon as possible.

Drainworks plumbing and gas

New Gas System Installs

If you’re planning on installing a new gas system in your home, Drainworks Plumbing & Gas can help.

We offer full service installation of natural gas lines from the street to your meter and will work with your local utility company to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Gas Installation Services by Professionals in Hillsborough County

Drainworks Plumbing is a top-rated professional plumbing service serving Hillsborough County, FL. We offer a wide range of plumbing services including emergency repairs, installation, and maintenance for both residential and commercial properties. Our team of experienced and licensed plumbers are dedicated to providing top-quality service and ensuring customer satisfaction. We use the latest technology and techniques to diagnose and repair any plumbing issue quickly and efficiently. With Drainworks Plumbing, you can trust that your plumbing needs will be handled promptly and professionally.

Why Hire our Plumbers?

Our team is unique to the Hillsborough county market. With installers and highly trained plumbers with nearly two decades of experience, you can be sure both you and your home are in good hands. We pride ourselves on our reputation in the community, and consider it our privilege to serve you and your family.

At Drainworks Plumbing & Gas, our goal is to consistently provide a positive experience you can trust. As a licensed company, we work diligently to provide quality work and build relationships with our customers. With so many choices available to you when managing your plumbing and gas system needs, we understand the importance of going above and beyond to ensure outstanding service.

Our team of professionals has almost two decades of experience in the plumbing and gas industry.

Our services include but are not limited to:

At Drainworks Plumbing and gas, we are dedicated to providing quality plumbing service at competitive prices, with personal attention and care for our customers. We take pride in our work and can guarantee your satisfaction with any project we undertake. From toilet replacement to clogged drains, appliance installation to water quality and filtration, we hope you’ll trust the experts at Drainworks to meet your families plumbing needs.

Drainworks plumbing and gas

LP and Natural Gas

These two are the most common types of fuels used in residential homes. LP (Liquid Propane) is a fuel that is stored in liquid form and is more cost effective than natural gas.

Natural gas, on the other hand, is a fossil fuel extracted from the ground through drilling or mining methods. It can be used for cooking and heating appliances such as water heaters, furnaces and fireplaces. Natural gas is considered a cleaner fuel because it produces fewer emissions than other fuels. LP gas has a higher BTU rating than natural gas, so it produces more heat for the home.

Choosing between the two can be a difficult process best assessed by a professional in the gas installation service. Trust the experts at Drainworks to help.

Drainworks plumbing and gas

Gas Leak Repair  

The dangers of a gas leak can come in a variety of forms, including explosions, fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.

These dangers can be especially dangerous in an enclosed space, such as a home or office building. A gas leak can cause severe damage and even death if not detected and repaired quickly.

Usually, this process is done by a professional gas installation service that will come to your home and inspect the lines for leaks. After detecting a leak, they can repair it quickly so you won’t have to worry about your family or employees being in danger. Thankfully, it’s also often cheap. Gas line leaks are common and can happen at any time, so you should always be on the lookout for signs of a leak.

If you suspect that there is a gas leak in your home or business, it’s important to get the problem fixed as soon as possible. If you smell natural gas inside your house or if there are signs of an odor outside, call a professional immediately.

Drainworks plumbing and gas

New Gas System Installs

Having a professional install a new gas system in your home can provide many benefits. For one, a Drainworks professional installation ensures that the system is installed correctly and safely, which can prevent potential hazards such as gas leaks or fires. A professional will also have the knowledge and experience to properly size the gas system for your home, which can help to optimize its performance and efficiency.

In addition to the safety and performance benefits, a professional installation by Drainworks can also be more cost-effective. A professional installer will have access to the necessary tools, equipment and materials and will be able to complete the installation in a timely and efficient manner. They will also be able to troubleshoot any problems that may arise during the installation process and make any necessary adjustments to ensure the system is working optimally. Furthermore, in some cases, insurance company will not provide coverage if the installation was not done by a professional, making it essential to have a professional to handle the installation job.

Reach out to Drainworks for more info about your specific needs.

Drainworks plumbing and gas

Outdoor Kitchen Gas Systems   

An outdoor kitchen gas system is a system of pipes and appliances used to provide a source of natural gas to an outdoor cooking area. These systems typically include a gas line that runs from the main gas supply in the home to the outdoor kitchen, as well as one or more gas appliances such as a grill, stove, or fire pit.

One of the main advantages of an outdoor kitchen gas system is convenience. With a gas system, you don’t have to worry about running out of propane or charcoal, and you have an instant fire at your disposal. Gas grills also tend to heat up quickly, so you can start cooking in a matter of minutes. Additionally, Gas cooking appliances generally offer more precise temperature control than their charcoal or electric counterparts, which can make it easier to cook food to perfection.

Need more info? Reach out to Drainworks today.

Drainworks plumbing and gas

Gas Fireplace and Outdoor Fireplace Features  

An outdoor gas fireplace is a type of gas-burning appliance that can be used to provide heat and ambiance in an outdoor living space, such as a patio or backyard. They can come in a variety of styles and designs, including freestanding models, models that are built into outdoor kitchens or outdoor living areas, and portable models.

One of the main advantages of an outdoor gas fireplace is that it can provide warmth and ambiance on cool evenings, which can make your outdoor living space more comfortable and functional year-round. They also tend to be more convenient than wood-burning fireplaces as they are easy to use and do not require chopping and storing wood. Gas fireplaces also generate less ash, soot, and creosote, which means less cleaning, and are often considered more environmentally friendly than wood-burning fireplaces. Reach out to Drainworks for more info.

Drainworks plumbing and gas

Gas Generator Hookups

A gas generator is a type of generator that uses natural gas or propane as a fuel source to generate electricity. Gas generators are larger stationary units that can be used as a backup power source for homes or businesses, and can be an important part of any gas system.

One of the main advantages of gas generators is that they are relatively easy to use and can provide a reliable source of power during power outages or other emergencies. Gas generators typically run on either natural gas or propane, and natural gas generators can be connected to the main gas line, which eliminates the need to refuel the generator during an extended power outage. Natural gas generators are considered more environmentally friendly than gasoline-powered generators as natural gas produces fewer emissions.

Gas generators also tend to be more fuel-efficient than gasoline-powered generators, which means they can run for longer periods of time on the same amount of fuel. This can be especially beneficial in an emergency, as a longer running time can ensure that essential systems and appliances stay powered.

However, as with any gas systems, it is crucial to have a professional handle the installation and maintenance to ensure the safety and optimal performance of the generator. A professional will ensure that the generator is properly connected to a gas source, that it is vented properly, and that all necessary permits are obtained. They will also be able to help you choose the right size and type of generator for your needs, based on factors such as the number of appliances and systems that need to be powered during an outage. Regular maintenance, inspection and any necessary repairs should also be handled by a professional to ensure that the generator is always in safe and optimal working condition.

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Drainworks plumbing and gas

“Drainworks did a great job. He was on time & very professional. He patiently answered all my questions. He also gave an honest explanation of his troubleshooting process along w/price. Terrific plumber who has the customer’s best interest as top priority. I will definitely hire him again the next time I need a plumber.”

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Drainworks plumbing and gas

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Drainworks plumbing and gas

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